Managing Director's Message

At AMTC, we have genuine regard for the interests of our employees, customers and members of the communities in which we operate. This is embedded in our company values. Our approach to business involves providing world-class service to our customers. In fact, at AMTC we are very proud to have a corporate image built around quality and integrity.

Management pays close attention to the community, employees and customers on a regular basis, because they are the pillars of our existence. After all, it is only with the community and customer’s support, a cooperative and productive workforce, a satisfied customer base and a strong corporate brand that a company can be successful.

Some of our sustainability priorities

  • Health and safety management of employees and community
  • Resourcing for the growth
  • Continuously support learning and development of staff
  • Motivating, encouraging and empowering staff
  • Developing an open and independent working culture and environment where everyone is valued
  • Inspire loyalty among staff
  • Fix it right the first time
At AMTC, we shall strive for excellence by nurturing, developing and empowering our employees, by encouraging an open atmosphere that is conducive to learning and teamwork.

Together with our associates, customers and their continuous feedback, I am hopeful we will take AMTC to next level.

We are committed to achieving and maintaining Toyota Values through continuous improvement and respect for people.

                     Mr Aidrous A Bazara
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