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Bring home the joy, bring home Toyota. The Yemeni Automotive market has witnessed several transformations during the last decade, mainly because of globalization. There have been several trends, which the market has witnessed. However one trend has remained constant. Surveys of local customers have constantly show one preference. TOYOTA. A brand which has all the factors potential customers look for in a car, like unmatched quality, power, innovative technology, service at your doorstep, availability of spare parts and of course a good resale value on their investment.

Yemeni customers feel that buying a Toyota is an investment. Toyota has the advantage of being the most liked car in the market with constant demand for both new and second hand vehicles. This reflects the customer's satisfaction with Toyota – a brand that continuously delivers its promise of happiness and peace of mind.

Not surprisingly, in Yemen the Toyota brand is associated with respect, pleasure, pride and cheerfulness.

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